Keeping Your Prescriptions Safe

When you become ill, you typically make an appointment to see a doctor. Depending on your ailment, your physician might prescribe medicine to help you get better, with specific doses, instructions, and refills if necessary. Pharmaceuticals are often very powerful – they are specific for you, your body, your medical history and future – so it’s crucial that you follow the directions your doctor has ordered. Prescription medicines can sometimes be more valuable than money itself. In many cases of home break-ins, thieves are known to raid the medicine cabinet for a quick fix, or to later sell hard-to-get items on the black market. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you store your medicines in a custom built drug safe.

Many specialty vault stores and locksmiths have medicine cabinets in stock. They work best with an auto latching mechanism, where the door locks immediately upon being closed. If you need to store a variety of shapes and sizes of medication bottles, seek a cabinet with adjustable or removable shelving. Your medicine cabinet also needs to comply with Australian health and pharmaceutical specifications, which address storage climates and other issues of safety. Check more at safes for sale in Adelaide.

Not only does a lockable cabinet keep your prescriptions away from thieves, but it also helps keep your home safe for children. While it’s hard to believe that innocent children grow up and experiment with drugs, it’s a reality for many families, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if your teenagers have no ill intentions, some of their friends might be tempted to steal while they are visiting. A medicine vault also keeps youngsters away from accidental harm: toddlers are curious, and every year there are many cases of children accidentally ingesting strong medication due to guardian carelessness. A medicine cabinet is even an ideal place to keep over the counter medication, vitamins, sharps, and anything else that might be lethal upon overdose.

Even with medical insurance, prescription drugs are expensive to buy, and even more expensive to replace. Sometimes they get lost or misplaced around the house, which can be dangerous for you if your medicine needs to be taken at specific times. A lockable cabinet will help keep track of them, as well as data protection: paper prescriptions, files with doctors’ notes, health information, even a schedule of when to take your doses.

Lockable cabinets are also widely recommended for medical clinics – hospitals, pharmacies, elderly homes, and veterinary offices – usually for the same reasons as you would use one at home: for safekeeping from theft, abuse or tampering, keeping them in one place for organisation, and to hold them at regulated temperatures for safety. Refer to 24 hour locksmith in Adelaide when needed.

Medication is one of the most important things you have in your home, and it’s important to take extra precautions in storage and safekeeping – for the safety of yourself, your family, and your community.